Control Systems

Ventilation and safety systems require specifically designed control systems to ensure effective and efficient operation.

Greenwood Louvre can supply and/or integrate control systems into the products or systems they supply, these include…

GL-SP Control Panels:

The SP range of control panels are designed to meet the requirements of BS EN 12101 part 9 and 10, used as stand alone panels or part of a BRE shaft system the SP-300 & 600 are versatile panels which can offer the following benefits:


  • 2 no. Monitored 24v reverse polarity outputs.
  • 24V Battery back-up for use with life safety systems.
  • Inputs for standalone smoke detection or connection to a fire alarm or BMS system
  • Connection to a fireman’s override switch providing audible and visual indication.
  • Auto open/manual close option to ensure that all vents are clear before closing.
  • Daily ventilation can be provided by connecting a momentary or permanent switch.
  • Input for a wind/rain sensor to close vents in adverse weather conditions.

GL-SP Detectors and Sensors:

Please see data sheet for range and details of selection/use.

Compact control panel SHEV® 3 / SHEV® 6

The heart of our SHEV system for stairwells is the compact control panel SHEV 3, respectively SHEV 6. It is designed as a compact control panel, which is approved according to ISO 21927-9 (prEN 12101-9) and DIN EN 12101-10. The control panel contains primary and secondary energy supply as well as the whole control technique for the operation of 24 Volt DC-actuators at building openings.


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