Project Profile: Supporting sustainability at Viridor’s Resource Recovery Centre

A waste to energy power plant

About the project

In summer 2017, construction began on one of the UK’s most ambitious waste to energy plants – Viridor’s Avonmouth Resource Recovery Centre. Representing a £252m investment into sustainable energy, Viridor’s flagship waste management centre comprises an energy recovery facility and a plastics recycling and reprocessing plant.

The Avonmouth Resource Recovery Centre builds upon innovation in waste management – as recycling is an energy-intensive process, situating an energy recovery facility alongside the material reprocessing plant improves efficiency across the site’s operations.

The energy recovery facility generates approximately 307GWh of power each year, of which up to 130GWh is used to run the entirety of the Resource Recovery Centre; leaving at least 177GWh each year which can be resupplied to the National Grid network.


Why Greenwood Louvre?

Viridor’s cutting edge Resource Recovery Centre necessitated high-quality screening and ventilation solutions in order to deliver long-term performance, and Greenwood Louvre was appointed to meet the specification.

In order to provide effective weather louvre on top of suitable ventilation and airflow, Greenwood Louvre supplied high-performance louvres for installation on the building facades. Volume Control dampers were also selected to maintain volumetric pressure where necessary, and enable directional airflow throughout the facility.

Finally, acoustic louvres were also supplied to lessen external noise pollution and improve working conditions internally. Recycling and reprocessing are noisy procedures, and Greenwood Louvre’s acoustic solutions are designed to dampen vibrations and reduce unwanted transmission of sound.

The Avonmouth Resource Recovery Centre began full operation in 2020, and has since processed over 320,000 tonnes of waste material.


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