Project Profile: Performance Louvres for Hilton Garden Inn at Heathrow Airport


About the project

Hilton Hotels & Resorts is a world-renowned hotel brand with over 150 residences in the United Kingdom alone. Hilton Garden Inn, a group within the wider Hilton family, is a focused-service variation which offers an upscale yet affordable experience most often suited to short stays, such as business trips.

The Hilton Garden Inn at Heathrow Airport is one such hotel, offering a bright atmosphere in a convenient location for travellers, whether they are regular flyers or taking a one-off journey.


Why Greenwood Louvre?

Providing a comfortable and consistent environment for guests no matter where in the world they’re staying is central to the Hilton brand, and Heathrow Airport’s Hilton Garden Inn is no different.

Greenwood Louvre supplied performance louvres which support superb ventilation within the hotel, ensuring that guests enjoy a cool, refreshing experience throughout its interior.

Hilton Garden Inn’s performance louvres also fulfil an important safety function, maintaining airflow both in day to day operation and in the unlikely event of an emergency. The hotel’s staff and guests are kept safer by Greenwood Louvre’s performance louvres, and the facility ownership will also benefit from low running costs and minimal maintenance requirements.

Hilton is a brand synonymous with quality, reflected in its choice of performance louvre partner. Greenwood Louvre’s cross-sector experience and solution-driven approach qualified the business as the partner of choice, and the project was completed smoothly with excellent results.

You can view Greenwood Louvre’s range of architectural louvres online:

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