Project Profile: Mercia Waste Management’s Herefordshire waste-to-energy facility

a waste to energy plant

About the project

Development of Mercia Waste Management’s 15.5MW waste-to-energy facility was given the green light in 2012, and Worcestershire’s new energy plant became fully operational in 2017.

The waste to energy facility now processes 200,000 tonnes of non-recyclable household and business waste per year, and is capable of supplying enough sustainable energy to power around 20,000 homes. The Mercia plant complements waste and recycling facilities across Worcestershire and Herefordshire, and has an on-site visitor education centre which benefits local schools.


Why Greenwood Louvre?

The Mercia waste-to-energy facility was an ambitious infrastructural development, and Greenwood Louvre supplied ventilation and safety solutions according to the specification.

In order to create a comprehensive ventilation system, Greenwood Louvre supplied high-performance louvres to help regulate airflow and ensure weather protection, as well as volume control dampers to maintain volumetric pressure where necessary throughout the facility. Labriento roof vents were also specified to support ventilation and expel hot air from the waste management process.

Noise reduction was also a key part of the specification – acoustic louvres helped to cut down on noise pollution from the waste-to-energy process whilst maintaining the necessary internal space to enable effective ventilation.

Mercia Waste Management’s new facility is now fully operational, with Greenwood Louvre’s solutions ensuring ventilation performance and safety on both an infrastructural and personnel level.


To learn more about Greenwood Louvre’s energy-industry solutions, you can read a blog post on the subject:

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