Project Profile: Subtly delivering outstanding fire protection for Marlin Waterloo Hotel




About the project

Situated in London’s Southbank, the Marlin Waterloo Hotel is a luxurious destination that offers guests independence coupled with the rest and relaxation of high quality facilities. Designed with utmost comfort in mind, the hotel’s aesthetic is modern, clean and stylish with contemporary features for an enjoyable and comfortable stay.

Changing the tradition of hotels, the Marlin Waterloo Hotel is an Aparthotel – a unique experience that gives guests the opportunity to stay in apartment style rooms and the freedom to enjoy their stay in a way that suits them.


Why Greenwood Louvre?

The hotel’s ethos of apartment living, along with the sophisticated and modern aesthetic, was an instrumental element in the development of the building. Ensuring the hotel met relevant building requirements, without impacting heavily on the appearance of the facility was a main priority.

Instructing trusted fire protection partner, Greenwood Louvre, the hotel sought a fire compartmentation solution that would blend with interior design while instilling confidence in safety performance.

To compartmentalise fire breakout and ensure sufficient time for guest evacuation a fire curtain formed an integral part of the building’s fire protection strategy

Installing its robust and reliable fire curtain, Greenwood Louvre delivered a compliant and subtle solution for the hotel’s fire protection requirements. Effectively meeting the client’s needs for an adaptable solution that wouldn’t impact the interior.

As a result, the hotel has benefited from a solution that will not only perform in the event of fire, but is also discrete and invisible when not in operation. Avoiding the need for any unsightly fire protection equipment to be on display, the fire curtain will only drop and perform if a fire is detected.

Beyond product specification and installation, the Marlin Waterloo Hotel can have confidence in the performance of the unit as a direct result of ongoing service and maintenance from Greenwood Louvre. With regular inspections and servicing, Greenwood Louvre will carry out specialist preventative maintenance and emergency call-outs, covering equipment breakdown and repairs.

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