Driving Forward Car Park Ventilation Standards


Car parks, like other underground or enclosed spaces, pose unique challenges when it comes to ventilation and smoke management. Smoke management systems are crucial in the instance of fire, but car parks require equally advanced ventilation measures to ensure the removal of vehicle exhaust fumes during day to day operation.

As a specialist in ventilation and smoke management, we have developed bespoke solutions for car parking applications which not only meet current legislative requirements such as Building Regulation F, but set new standards for quality ventilation.


Look beyond ducted ventilation

Our centrifugal and axial fans are designed to deliver high-performance ventilation without relying on a traditional, ducted system.

Despite their compact design, both centrifugal and axial fans provide powerful extraction of unwanted fumes and gases while maintaining the movement of clear air – bringing a range of benefits for car park design including:

  • Increased ceiling clearance for large vehicles
  • Minimal obstruction for CCTV and security cameras
  • Reduced impact on airflow from obtrusive pillars and down-standings

Centrifugal fans also deliver economical value in the long term, as they have lower installation, maintenance and running costs.

Our car parking ventilation and smoke management solutions are ISO9001 accredited for their quality, and certified to perform in 300oC environments for up to two hours under EN12101 certification.

By working with an expert partner in ventilation and smoke management, you can be confident in the compliance and performance of your car parking environment during day to day operation and in the instance of an emergency.


To find out more about our ventilation and smoke management solutions, view our product range here: www.greenwoodlouvre.com/product/car-park-smoke-ventilation

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