Fire and Smoke Curtains

Fire Curtains

For many larger buildings such as auditoria, theatres, shopping centres and exhibition halls, fire curtains are an essential part of a fire protection strategy. Often, they can be incorporated in a building interior, providing protection while allowing architects and designers more flexibility in achieving open, airy spaces.

Fire curtains can be fixed in place, or alternatively can be deployed within seconds using electric motors, providing a fast protective barrier to the passage of fire and smoke. Manufactured from heat resistant and fire resistant materials, fire curtains are often controlled by a building’s fire control system, with activation as soon as a fire alarm is triggered. They will also typically operate in conjunction with other fire management elements in a building, including sprinklers, smoke extracts and fire alarms.

Smoke Curtains

Often used in larger building spaces, including atria, exhibition halls and large reception areas, smoke curtains are designed to help contain smoke within a restricted area, preventing it from spreading to other areas within a building. They will keep smoke from a fire within a restricted area, delaying it from cooling and spreading at lower level.

By compartmentalising a fire breakout, it is possible to reduce the risk to life, allowing more time for a building to be evacuated. In addition, smoke curtains will help restrict the spread of fire and, when used in conjunction with smoke extract equipment, can reduce wider damage and aid firefighting.



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