Bioclimatic Pergolas

Harnessing the manufacturing quality and technology of our market leading architectural louvre solutions, Greenwood Louvre Bioclimatic Pergolas are robust external structures that create practical outdoor spaces for use all year round.

Providing protection from snow, wind, rain and sun, Bioclimatic Pergolas are weathertight and secure, combining the freedom of the outdoors with the privacy of indoors. And as temporary constructions with the robustness and comfort of a permanent structure, Bioclimatic Pergolas can be rapidly erected without the need for planning permission.*

Modular and fully customisable, Greenwood Louvre Bioclimatic Pergolas can be tailored to meet your exact performance requirements and specified budget. Designed and manufactured by our in-house technical team, Bioclimatic Pergolas can be taken from concept to construction in as little as six weeks.

Responding to the increased demand for specialist outdoor structures in hospitality businesses, workplaces and domestic dwellings, Greenwood Louvre has expanded its standard Bioclimatic Pergola offering with a dedicated Performance Pergolas range.

Learn more about the benefits of using Bioclimatic Pergolas to increase the usability of existing outside areas by visiting the Performance Pergolas website.

Or download a copy of the Bioclimatic Pergolas brochure now

*Exceptions apply, such as listed buildings and conservation areas


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