Supporting Architectural Design with Fire Curtains


Fire protection compliance is a fundamental design driver in construction. But, just because a building needs to conform to building regulations and safety standards, doesn’t mean it can’t also look great.

As specialist manufacturers of smoke management and fire protection solutions, our expertise and knowledge can facilitate architectural freedom, without compromising on safety.

Recently working on the construction of 23 new-build, high-end residential properties in Marylebone Lane in London, we helped to transform an architectural vision of luxurious expanse into a compliant reality with our market-leading fire curtains.


Why Fire Curtains?

With an array of different fire protection solutions in our portfolio, fire curtains received a standing ovation when we looked to raise the curtain on fire protection. But why?

  • Seamless Integration

In order to protect the integrity of architectural design, fire curtains deliver a flexible yet reliable and robust solution to fire compliance. Subtly incorporated into interior design, fire curtains can deliver fundamental life safety without being seen… providing the fire safety partner has been engaged from the initial design phase.

  • Space

Much like the ambition of Marylebone Lane, many architectural trends are following the mantra of open and airy interior. Traditionally used in larger buildings, fire curtains are able to compartmentalise a fire breakout and allow more time for evacuation by restricting the spread to other levels.

  • Compartmentalisation

Manufactured to the highest European, British and UL standards, fire curtains provide compartmentation and protected means of escape with up to two hours of radiation rating. Not only this, fire curtains can also operate in conjunction with other fire management systems within the building.


To find out more about our fire protection solutions and smoke management systems, view our product range here:

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