Achieving the best results through a solution-driven approach

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With over 40 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing architectural louvres and fire safety solutions, Greenwood Louvre has developed a market-leading range suitable for applications of all kinds. What’s more, as a manufacture to installation partner, Greenwood Louvre employs a solution-driven approach at every level of the business.

Rather than simply quoting for an existing specification, our expert team gives each project full consideration and is always ready to find new ways to use existing products in order to deliver performance and value.

At Greenwood Louvre, solution-driven means identifying what’s truly right for the application, not just finding a product that will get the job done.


What our solution-driven approach means for you

To put this into perspective, here are three ways that our solution-driven approach will benefit you:


  1. Creative application of existing products

We have a great deal of experience in the design and installation of louvred solutions, and sometimes an existing product could be an unexpected yet perfect option. For example, our technical team has identified applications in which louvres can be used to control water flow, not just air flow. By taking a considered and creative approach, we’ll find a truly effective solution.


  1. Bespoke alterations to meet your requirements

As well as finding additional value in existing products, we’re always ready to discuss bespoke modifications in order to meet your specification. In this regard, we can add the most value to your project when engaged early on in the design process. By bringing Greenwood Louvre in to work alongside the specifying team, you’ll be able to make the most of our expertise and effectively integrate our solutions into the wider project.


  1. Delivering multi-functional solutions

Our design team has worked to ensure that Greenwood Louvre’s products have aesthetic value on top of their technical performance. Whether you’re looking for louvres, solar shading or ventilation, we can ensure that your solutions complement existing architecture – or even make a design statement.


By working with Greenwood Louvre as your manufacture to installation partner, you will benefit from high-quality solutions and improved performance whilst saving on project costs through effective decision-making. From the design stage through to building handover, you can have absolute confidence that your project is in the best hands – and we’ll keep you updated every step of the way.


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