Project Profile: High quality residential building at 9 Marylebone Lane, London

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Photographs credited to McAleer and Rushe and Joe Laverty Photography


About the project

Renowned for its high-end couture and traditional yet outstanding architecture, McAleer and Rushe’s recent project has seen the construction of 22 new-build, high quality residential buildings at 9 Marylebone Lane, London.

With an architectural vision of refined, spacious and elegant interiors that have been fused with contemporary and traditional methods, the residential building successfully captured the prestige of the address, whilst embracing the neighbouring aesthetic.

To support this architectural vision in becoming a reality, Greenwood Louvre, a trusted fire protection partner, supported the project from design through to installation. To ensure the building met fundamental Part B compliance criteria, whilst protecting the integrity of the architectural design, Greenwood Louvre delivered a flexible yet robust fire curtain solution that integrated seamlessly with the interior environment.


Raising the curtain on fire protection

For many larger buildings, fire curtains are an essential part of a fire protection strategy by compartmentalising a fire breakout and allowing more time for evacuation. However, behind its performance benefits, fire curtains can be subtly incorporated into a building’s interior, providing life saving protection whilst allowing architects to achieve increased flexibility in open, airy spaces.

As the design specification for the build of 9 Marylebone Lane was to embrace a flow of space throughout the communal areas and individual residencies, Greenwood Louvre installed its robust and reliable Active Fire Curtains at lower ground level. Ensuring compliance whilst supporting specification, fire curtains are designed to help contain smoke within a restricted area, delaying it from cooling and spreading to other levels of the building – making it the clear choice for the safety and security of future occupants of the residential building.

Manufactured to the highest European, British and UL standards, the fire curtains provide fire compartmentation and a protected means of escape with up to two hours of radiation rating, but can also operate in conjunction with other fire management systems within the building. Designed and installed by Greenwood Louvre, the project benefited from working with an experienced partner that brings over 40 years’ industry expertise.


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