Project Profile: Finding the perfect finish for Hampton by Hilton, Stansted Airport


About the project

Hampton by Hilton, formerly known as ‘Hampton Inn’, is a hotel chain within the esteemed Hilton family with 37 venues across the UK and thousands more around the globe. In the UK, Hampton by Hilton residences are often located at airports and designed to give travellers of all kinds a comfortable, contemporary experience at an affordable price.

The Hampton by Hilton hotel at Stansted Airport is part of this group, featuring 357 guest rooms, 2 meeting rooms, and 24-hour facilities including fitness and business suites. Catering to commuters, one-off flyers and holidaymakers, the Hampton hotel provides the perfect environment for all comers.



Why Greenwood Louvre?

Guaranteeing guests a pleasant stay is a top priority for the Hampton by Hilton Inn hotel at Stansted Airport – and with visitors arriving, departing and using the facilities at all hours, consistency is also vital.

Maintaining a fresh interior environment is dependent on excellent ventilation and air conditioning, and the underlying systems which keep these running usually require unsightly plant installations on the building exterior.

Greenwood Louvre supplied and installed screening louvres to mask the HVAC systems in place at the Hampton hotel while allowing sufficient ventilation for effective operation, delivering a clean aesthetic finish to match the brand’s professional reputation.

Greenwood Louvre’s pedigree in the hospitality sector qualified it as the perfect louvre partner, and the business’s manufacture to installation prowess reduced interfacing issues and ensured that the project ran smoothly from start to finish.

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