New pergola range added

Greenwood Louvre

Greenwood’s new bioclimatic pergola range turns sunny terrace and outdoor areas into a more usable space, all year round.

The pergola, already proven in practice elsewhere in Europe, is the ideal solution for restaurants, bars and cafes that have a sunny terrace; and for homeowners who want to extend the use of their outdoor space for more months of the year. For premises that need to comply with an indoor smoking ban, it provides a stylish solution that gives customers a comfortable, dry outdoor space for them to enjoy.

The electrically operated, weather resistant pergola can act as a solar shade in the height of the summer, reducing solar heat gain and the danger of sunburn while still allowing users of the space beneath to benefit from cooling breezes. Yet the clever design of the pergola also means it is an effective, water resistant roof during inclement weather, providing shelter for those who head outside to enjoy the open air, or perhaps to relax with a cigarette.

Easily fitted, the highly customisable design can be provided in a range of colours. Its louvres are mounted on a sturdy frame and are electrically opened and closed, allowing natural convection while restricting just the right amount of solar gain. Watertight seals ensure weather tightness, while the motorised control system is smooth and quiet in operation. Rainwater can be collected, or drains via one of the supporting columns to runoff or a nearby drain.

Optional accessories include LED lighting, infrared electrical heaters, bluetooth music control system with built in speakers, awnings, blinds and weather sensors.

The pergola fits easily onto any type of paving or base material, and for larger areas, multiple units can be linked together. Planning permission will not normally be necessary for the structure.

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