Project Profile: Generating a sound solution for Ferrybridge Waste to Energy Plant




About the project

Ferrybridge Multifuel is a £300 million new plant in Knottingley, West Yorkshire. Situated near its counterpart, FM1, FM2 it is an energy from waste facility that has been designed to produce an estimated 70 megawatts of electricity for the National Grid. The two plants, FM1 and FM2, can divert over 1.3 million tonnes of waste from landfill annually, powering over 350,000 homes.

The two sites have been fully operational since December 2019 and produce low carbon electricity using a range of fuel sources from across Yorkshire and the wider North of England.


Why Greenwood Louvre?

The design and construction of the Ferrybridge energy from waste plants were large scale, industrial projects that required appropriate safety and ventilation solutions to safeguard both people and the facility.

Proven design-through-to-manufacture expert in the development of louvres and Natural Ventilation Management Systems, Greenwood Louvre was commissioned by the contractor to supply an expert solution that satisfied the intense requirements of the facilities.

To regulate airflow and restrict the obtrusion of weather elements, Greenwood Louvre specified its range of high-performance weather louvres, acoustic silencers and high capacity LABRIENTO roof ventilators to meet the plant’s requirements. Helping to reduce the escape of unwanted noise, whilst maintaining airflow for both temperature and ventilation purposes, the louvres support the facilities’ functionality and improved the exterior aesthetic.

Greenwood Louvre also installed its volume control dampers, to maintain volumetric pressure where necessary and control airflow throughout the Turbine and Boiler Halls.

The Ferrybridge facilities additionally benefit from Greenwood Louvre’s ongoing service and maintenance support. Providing regular servicing and call-out care if necessary, the range of ventilation solutions are tested and maintained regularly to ensure performance and safety.

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