Elevating Smoke Safety Solutions with Advanced Control Systems

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Smoke safety systems are being installed in commercial and residential buildings as valiant life-protecting solutions to help safeguard occupants in the event of a fire. Positioned in key locations, smoke safety systems support buildings by extracting toxic smoke from exits and stairwells.

That said, the silent hero behind a smoke safety solution is its control panel. Easy to maintain, yet essential in ensuring safe operation and functionality of a smoke control system, an advanced control system is the solution to elevating smoke safety of a commercial building.

At Greenwood Louvre, we have extensive expertise in the design and manufacture of control panels and smoke safety solutions. With a selection of advanced control panels specifically designed with versatility and simplicity in mind, we can integrate or supply control panels to support in meeting essential building regulations.


We have a selection of control panels that support the main installations of smoke safety solutions, including BRE shaft systems and SHEVs.

  • GL-SP Control Panels – designed to meet the requirements of BS EN 12101 part 9 and 10, these can be used as standalone panels or part of a BRE shaft system.
  • SHEV3-UP – sharing similar benefits as the SP control panels, the SHEV3-UP panel also comes with an integral override switch.


Depending on the systems installed, it is imperative that the control panel is functionally sound with the system to ensure performance. With additional benefits integrated into the panels, such as override switches and weather control settings, working with a trusted partner can ensure the panels’ suitability for application, whilst maintaining confidence.

Working with a partner from manufacture, through to installation and maintenance can help to ensure that the systems will work as expected. At Greenwood Louvre, our easy to maintain control panels and advanced smoke management systems provide ultimate peace of mind in the effective operation of a system.


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