Choosing the right fire safety partner – from manufacture to installation

A contractor wearing protective equipment on a construction site

For both new-build and redevelopment projects, developers must identify the right partner for designing and supplying fire safety and smoke management systems in order to ensure compliance with current local legislation. Governmental building regulations – notably Parts B (Fire Safety) and F (Ventilation) – set minimum standards for fire protection, but certain sectors and high-risk areas may need to adhere to more stringent specifications.

Appointing a leading fire safety partner provides access to expert advice when specifying solutions – but the best partners can offer even more. Working with an experienced specialist skilled in managing the design, manufacture and installation of effective solutions both simplifies the overall process and ensures both safety and peace of mind.



Why work with a ‘manufacture to installation’ partner?

With over 20 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing and installing high-quality fire and smoke safety systems, Greenwood Louvre has developed expert teams to manage every aspect of a project.

The benefits of working with a manufacture to installation partner are manifold, delivering advantages to the performance of a fire safety system as well as the logistics of installing it. These benefits include:


  • A bespoke approach to design

Although Greenwood Louvre has an extensive range of standard solutions, the company’s design team is able to deliver bespoke modifications to meet even the strictest requirements. Greenwood Louvre has experience in working alongside existing project teams including architects and surveyors to ensure that developers and occupants alike remain confident in the performance of the system.


  • On-site collaboration for efficient installation

Greenwood Louvre’s installation team is uniquely positioned to ensure that the system specified is installed to the relevant standards, particularly where solutions integrate with other building services and systems. Moreover, the team’s experience working alongside fellow contractors including roofers and cladders, and interfacing with other on-site trades, helps to ensure that projects keep to site programmes and stay on budget.


  • Maintenance and long-term performance

Greenwood Louvre goes beyond ‘manufacture to installation’, offering dedicated post-installation support and fire safety commissioning. Having managed the installation of the fire safety solutions, Greenwood Louvre is best qualified to oversee a seamless transition from building completion and handover to a reliable service and maintenance programme in compliance with fire safety legislation.



Choosing a manufacture to installation partner will secure your peace of mind through the whole process, and reduce interfacing issues by providing you with a single, consistent point of contact at every stage.

To learn more about how Greenwood Louvre could advise on and assist your project, get in touch using: [email protected]

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