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Over more than 40 years in business, the Greenwood team has established strong working relationships with key partners, to ensure seamless delivery of a complete service, from consultation through to installation.

Our partners work closely with us to provide their expertise at the appropriate stage of your project; whether that is advising on design or construction detailing, or ensuring your building elements are fitted correctly so that they both look right, and will work reliably for years to come.

Greenwood works closely with a selected group of trusted partners, across the company’s range of specialties. These include:


CS is a leading producer of building components including a wide range of industry-leading louvres





Tecno Services – a global company focused on the design and manufacture of HVAC products for the power generation market




Powrmatic is a leading manufacturer of heating and ventilation products




Specialist in smoke and ventilation systems




A leading supplier of rooflights and roof vents



A manufacturer and installer of industrial doors




High quality cladding and roofing specialists


Elta Fans


A leading producers of fans